What was expected came a bit closer to reality on Thursday when a 12-team College Football Playoff was outlined by athletics directors and commissioners around the country.

ESPN analyst Booger McFarland, who has been a vocal critic of the idea to expand beyond four teams, outlined his position once again.

“I think they’re doing the wrong thing,” he said on ESPN’s Get Up on Wednesday. “For everyone who says we need to go from four to eight to 12, I would just ask one question, why? Is it about money, is it about greed, is it about the kids, is it about your satisfaction? Because we all talk about, playing for a national championship should be tough. We want to take it out of the computer’s hands, take it away from the BCS. Well, we did that.”

McFarland said he doesn’t agree with continually tinkering with the postseason.

“It should be hard,” he said. “Why are we continually trying to make the College Football Playoff easier? It’s not for the kids’ satisfaction, it’s not for the schools’ satisfaction. It’s for the satisfaction of everyone else, including myself, who covered the sport. It should be. I’ve said it from the get-go and I’ll say it again: If they change it from four to eight to anything other than four, they’re making a mistake.”

Then on “The Paul Finebaum Show” on Thursday, McFarland added that he wants to cap the number of games for the national champion at 15 games, where it currently sits, and not go to 17 games.

“We have to think about the kids,” he said, and added that he played during an era of 11 games. “At some point, we don’t need that many games to decide a champion.”