Brian Kelly will face Mike Leach’s offense on Saturday when LSU meets Mississippi State in Tiger Stadium.

Kelly said tackling well is not the only key to slowing down the Air Raid attack. The Tigers must also have great situational awareness. He even compared it to the triple option in terms of how it’s setup and executed.

“If you’re not taking care of your assignment, and doing your job, you’re going to get exposed. It is a precision offense,” Kelly said. “It is extremely well coached. And there is a level of, I would say, patience and persistence that you need on defense because if you’re trying to disrupt it in one fashion, there are answers that they have. The answers are tried and true and tested. Look, this is going to come down to our guys’ attention to detail, they’re going to have to tackle very, very well. This really puts the tenants of really good defensive football on display.”

Meanwhile, on defense, Kelly said the Bulldogs are veteran and “salty” with several juniors and seniors playing in the 3-3-5 alignment.

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