Brian Kelly discusses plans for No. 7 and No. 18 jerseys at LSU this season

Brian Kelly is entering his first year at LSU, and he’s switching up the way a couple of traditions are done in Baton Rouge.

On Saturday, Kelly spoke about the No. 7 and No. 18 jerseys, which both hold a level of prestige within the LSU program.

Kelly said he’ll leave it up to the players to decide whether or not those jersey numbers are given out to this year’s crop of Tigers or not:

Not seeing a No. 7 jersey or a No. 18 jersey out there for LSU this year would be strange, but it seems Kelly is giving the players a chance to dictate this season.

We’ll see what they decide this spring!

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    • i agree. this seems like a ploy by kelly. let's say the players opt out of this tradition and selection of a deserving teammate. it's there for kelly to save the day and either nominate two players on his own....or to bring it back next year in an effort to try and re-gain some favor with the fanbase.

      only a fool would come in and try to immediately remove traditions in year 1

    • Those jersey #'s and to whom they are given are a big tradition at LSU. I'm not sure I would tinker with LSU's Football Traditions Brian.

  • Why? Focus on team and not any individual. Every player's number is equally important to a total team contribution. On the other hand, if the practice of making those 2 numbers exceptionally treated over the last 2 decades or so, Kelly is letting the team decide rather than him making such a decision. Good for him.

  • An interesting move. I can see many positives in giving this to the team. This is why Irish people make the best coaches.

  • These are not very long-held traditions. Both less than 20 years old. And LSU has had a few lemons wearing 7 and 18. I'm good with letting it go, but I like the 18 tradition more than the 7.

  • Another cool idea by Kelly. When are they going to switch the natural grass at Tiger Stadium to some sort of field turf? Brian says recruits love the field turf. Maybe after a few lackluster recruiting years, the Tigers can switch the field. Looking forward to seeing Brian dance on the sideline with the players.

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