Brian Kelly was introduced at a press conference at LSU on Wednesday to discuss his new job, and the move from Notre Dame. He explained what brought him to LSU, and said it was about alignment between his family and the LSU administration.

“This is so much about alignment,” Kelly said. “And for me, alignment relative to this university, the goals, what is in store for LSU athletics, as a university. That is what the draw is for me. To me, obviously President Tate and to spend the time that I did with Scott. That cohesion, that collaboration, that kind of communication, that’s what for me brought me here to Baton Rouge.”

Kelly was appreciative of his 12 years at Notre Dame and the people he worked with there.

“That alignment also has to be with my family, because this has been a family journey for me, along the way,” Kelly said. “… On both sides of the aisle, LSU, that alignment, my family’s alignment and certainly the opportunity to be here amongst the finest players, staff, coaches, being part of the SEC, an incredible challenge and opportunity in my life that I was excited to take on once I was able to get an opportunity to meet Scott, spend time with Scott, hear his vision for the university and see how it connected so much with mine.”