Jayden Daniels does not throw interceptions. He’s thrown 6 touchdowns and 0 picks so far this season, leading LSU to a 4-1 record in the process.

That sounds great, but it sometimes seems like Daniels doesn’t throw the ball unless he absolutely has to. From Week 1, it’s seemed the Arizona State transfer is more than happy with tucking and running.

Kelly can be happy with the few amount of turnovers from Daniels, but it comes at a cost. He spoke on his stance on that reality Monday afternoon.

“We’re way too conservative right now,” Kelly said, via LSU Country on FanNation. “I don’t want to throw interceptions or turn the ball over. We haven’t thrown any. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but if you’re looking to be aggressive, you’re going to throw an interception because somebody made a great play. You trust that you’re going to throw it in there and we need Jayden [Daniels] to be a little more on that edge and be a little more aggressive.”

LSU is facing a weak secondary in Tennessee this weekend in Death Valley. There are few opportunities more glaring for LSU to dip its toe into the aggressive waters.

We’ll see soon enough.