When it comes to hot seat rankings in the SEC, many are eager to place Ed Orgeron at the top of the list despite LSU coming off a 9-4 record in 2017. Much of that talk has to do with the struggles some are predicting for the Tigers in 2018, but according to The Athletic’s Bruce Feldman, Tiger fans would be wise to reserve their judgment on Orgeron until 2019.

During a recent appearance on Arkansas-based radio show Sports Talk with Bo, hosted by Bo Mattingly, Feldman offered up a rather pessimistic prediction on LSU for the coming season.

“I think they are going to struggle,” Feldman said on the show. “I think they may be a seven-win team. They don’t have a Derrius Guice in the backfield, they have a really unproven quarterback. I think they are probably a year away.”

Despite that rather gloomy outlook when you consider the Tigers recent history, LSU has won at least eight games every season since 1999’s three-win season, Feldman does have high hopes for the program looking ahead to 2019.

“I think in 2019, that team will be a legit top 10 team,” he said. “They are young and they are loaded with athletic, really big people. They have to find a quarterback but I think they are going to be good in a year.”

You can listen to Feldman’s full segment on LSU during Sports Talk with Bo here: