Though it’s becoming ridiculous that LSU and Florida haven’t found a way to reschedule the Hurricane Matthew-forced cancellation of last weekend’s game.

Both Florida and LSU have games against non-SEC foes on Nov. 19, but canceling LSU’s home game against South Alabama so the Tigers could make up the game against the Gators would impact local businesses.

Baton Rouge business owner Brandon Landry told that every home game is important for his restaurant and bar:

“Some of our staff members, they really depend on game days toward the end of the year,” Landry said. “They’ve been busting their tail during some of the dry months of the summer waiting on football season, and it’s only six or eight days of those big football games. And when you kill one, that’s a big portion of what they’ve been depending on.”

After devastating flooding hit the Baton Rouge area this summer, keeping money flowing into the local economy is imperative:

“Half my staff don’t have homes right now,” said Ruffin Rodrigue, owner of Ruffino’s RestaurantE. “They were flooded. They’re living with relatives. And they need this income to survive, to send their kids to school.”

So, while Florida and LSU need to figure out some way to make up their canceled game, taking away a home matchup from the Baton Rouge area sounds like an increasingly bad idea.