The College Football Playoff is still two and a half weeks away, but the betting lines are out, so it’s definitely not too early for some game predictions.

CBS Sports weighed in on how they see the LSU-Oklahoma matchup unfolding Tuesday. It was a clean sweep with all four analysts on the CBS Sports panel picking LSU to win.

“We saw what they (LSU Tigers) did to the Georgia defense, which was highly rated a lot more than Oklahoma even though they are playing a lot better on that side of the ball,” said CBS Sports analyst Brian Jones. “LSU all the way.”

“LSU, on both sides of the football, is too dominant for Oklahoma,” said Aaron Taylor.

Fellow CBS Sports analysts Randy Cross and Rick Neuheisel offered a little more hope for Oklahoma even laying out a way the Sooners can be competitive, but each analyst also sees LSU winning.

“Jalen Hurts has got to have an out-of-body experience,” said Cross. “I mean actually be un-tackleable. He’s going to have to run. He’s going to have to get out of the pocket and make some stuff happen, especially down the field. I just don’t think he can do enough.”

Even if Hurts has an incredible performance, he has to keep up with Heisman Trophy frontrunner and LSU quarterback Joe Burrow.

“No one’s figured out how to stop that offense with Joe Burrow having the ability to change plays at the line of scrimmage,” said Neuheisel.

Only Auburn has held LSU to under 36 points this season, and with Oklahoma not playing at an elite level of defense this season, it’s not at all a surprise to see many of the experts side with the Tigers.