Did Ohio State make the wrong choice when it kept Dwayne Haskins over Joe Burrow a couple of years ago?

Probably not, as Haskins was a star and Burrow was only solid at LSU in 2018. In 2019, though, Burrow became perhaps the best player in college football, as he’s likely to win the Heisman Trophy on Saturday night.

He’ll be joined in New York City by a pair of Ohio State Buckeyes — DE Chase Young and QB Justin Fields. In an interview on Wednesday, Young admitted that he and Fields (a Georgia transfer) enjoy teasing each other, and one of Young’s go-to taunts involves Burrow:

Obviously, that’s just some good-natured fun and not serious, as Fields is a Heisman finalist, too. It’s just some defense-to-offense trash talk.

However, we’ll have to see whether Fields or Young finishes higher in the Heisman voting, because if Young has more votes, he likely will continue to taunt Fields next year (even though Young will be in the NFL).