Clemson and coach Dabo Swinney cruised to a huge win in the ACC Championship Game on Saturday night, trouncing an overmatched Virginia team 62-17.

After the game, Swinney was asked about how the College Football Playoff rankings should play out. He was complimentary of fellow undefeated teams Ohio State and LSU.

Swinney did say he’d probably give the edge to LSU as the No. 1 team (via 247Sports):

“It’s hard to be undefeated in any league,” Swinney said. “Ohio State and LSU, I mean, unbelievable, unbelievable years because it is so hard. I have such a great appreciation for that accomplishment. LSU has been an unbelievable team. I would imagine they’d be one. I think they won pretty big, didn’t they? I didn’t see the end of it, but they were winning pretty big. What was the Ohio State score? Was it close? So pretty close game.

“I don’t know. I don’t even know who was No. 1 last week to be honest with you. But I would think one of them would be No. 1. We’ll be in there somewhere. I would think we’d probably be three again. It doesn’t really matter. We’ll play somewhere and play somebody and be thankful for the opportunity.”

As the reigning national champion, Clemson won’t be afraid to play anybody this postseason. However, it does make sense for Swinney to want to avoid LSU in a semifinal matchup, particularly with how Ohio State struggled in the first half against Wisconsin.

How will the CFP committee rank the top teams? We’ll find out Sunday at noon!