When the 2020 NFL Draft begins in April, LSU QB Joe Burrow is expected to be the No. 1 overall pick, going to the Cincinnati Bengals.

After throwing for 60 touchdowns in 2019 while leading LSU to a national championship, he has been consistently mentioned as a top pick.

However, FOX Sports host Colin Cowherd isn’t sold. He says Burrow is a good prospect, but he doesn’t see anything special:

“We know that Joe Burrow’s a decent athlete, not special,” Cowherd says. “He now has small hands and we know he’s got an average arm, not great. … Let’s be honest about it. Joe Burrow is a good prospect. He’s not a great prospect. He is a great story, and the media loves stories. …

“It is remarkable to me when we dismiss stuff that matters. It all matters. Arm, maturity, Wonderlic, hand size. It’s all… college productivity, coachability. It’s all something. It all matters.”

He also added that he doesn’t like that Burrow joked about his small hand measurement, calling it “cocky.”

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