The Cincinnati Bengals are coming off a bad 2019 season, but they’re hoping things turn around after they drafted LSU QB Joe Burrow with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

After letting Andy Dalton go to Dallas, it seems Burrow will be the Day 1 starter for the Bengals this season.

How will he fare? Well, let’s just say FOX Sports host Colin Cowherd thinks it is going to be a long 2020 season for the Heisman Trophy winner:

“You do realize I’m going to win the Joe Burrow argument. It’s done,” Cowherd said. “Joe Burrow is going to get mauled this year. He is not going to look good, he is going to be overwhelmed. Folk’s it’s not close. Cincinnati is favored in one football game.”

Can Burrow prove Cowherd wrong? Even if he struggles, that’s not necessarily a sign of future struggles. After all, Peyton Manning currently holds the rookie record for most interceptions thrown.