Ed Orgeron and his LSU Tigers recently received their national championship rings after the team went 15-0 during last season’s epic run to the title. Now Orgeron is simply hoping for a chance to defend LSU’s title.

During a recent appearance on WWL 105.3 FM radio show “SportsTalk with Bobby Hebert & Kristian Garic,” Orgeron was asked to share the latest on the state of his program given the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming college football season.

The LSU coach didn’t even hesitate to answer how the Tigers were handling the situation down in Baton Rouge.

“We are planning to play. The other stuff is out of our control,” Orgeron said on the show. “We have the full staff in here. We’re planning football/school, we’ve made our practice schedules for August, we put them in all of our scripts, we’re doing all about gourds. We’re going on as usual. We’re playing.

“Now, you know, whatever happens, we’ve been told that all likelihood we are playing, but if that changes, you know, that’s out of our control.”

Lately, the trending topic in college football is the possibility of the season shifting toward the spring. The Ivy League went ahead and made that decision this week, which has many wondering if any other leagues will soon follow suit.

Orgeron was asked to share his thoughts on the potential of SEC football moving to the spring.

“You know, I don’t know… Obviously, that’s out of my wheelhouse, I don’t even think about that stuff,” Orgeron answered. “But if it does happen, we’re going to prepare [for that]. Whatever they give us, it doesn’t matter. We have a mantra here, we don’t blink. You just tell us where to play, it’s in a cow pasture, it’s at midnight, it’s at three in the morning, we gonna go play.”

Finally, when asked how LSU is handling life with the coronavirus, Orgeron took issue with the original reports claiming the Tigers had 30 players test positive for COVID-19.

“We had a little spike, [the trainers and medical staff] handled it well, our numbers are way down,” Orgeron explained. “That number 30 was not correct, it was inaccurate, I don’t know who said that, it wasn’t that high but we did have a little spike. Now it’s going down, I think it’s under control. I think that so it’s a fairly low number right now that we’re very pleased with and it looks like everything is going smooth for us.”

If nothing else, LSU may prove to be a test case for how to handle the coronavirus after a small outbreak and come out clean on the other side. The way Orgeron tells it, his program is on the path to be ready for training camp and is just hoping for an opportunity to defend their title.