One of the biggest underlying storylines in the NFL right now is where Odell Beckham Jr. will sign in free agency.

Beckham tore his ACL in the Los Angeles Rams’ Super Bowl win last season and has been rumored to return to LA, head back to New York and more recently link up with former Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott for a run at another Super Bowl in Dallas all in the past few weeks alone

Prescott has apparently been lobbying Beckham to come to Dallas more recently.

The Cowboys are one of the best teams in the NFC this season but will likely still be in a wild card spot with the Eagles on a hot streak. The NFC East in general is very strong this year, with all 4 teams in the race to make the playoffs.

The team that signs Beckham Jr. will get a major boon for the postseason. Let’s see how it plays out.