Dan Mullen is well-aware of the pressure within the college football coaching profession, so he understands how the rollercoaster of expectations ebbs and flows.

With that in mind, he was asked to weigh in on the job security for LSU coach Ed Orgeron, who he faces this week in Baton Rouge. LSU is 3-3 following a loss at Kentucky last week.

“It’s a weekly deal right now as coaches, right,” Mullen said at his Monday press conference. “I think we get to learn that. I’ve known Ed for a long time, I like Ed, great coach. Won a national championship just a couple of years ago there, and you haven’t forgotten how to coach in that time frame.”

Mullen believes it’s a sign of the times.

“I just think in today’s world, with coaching a lot of times, it’s a week to week, your rating as a coach is week to week,” Mullen said. “If not play by play on Saturdays, and then after Saturday, it’s week by week. That’s not him, that’s all of us. You know what I mean, you go to anybody in the SEC and they’ll tell you it’s pretty much you’re either really smart, or really dumb and there’s nowhere in between, and it’s a week to week deal.”

The Gators and Tigers will meet at noon ET on Saturday on ESPN.

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