Dave Lapham has been around the Cincinnati Bengals for decades, first as a player and currently as the radio color analyst. He’s played against Joe Montana and now watches Joe Burrow.

Lapham weighed in on the Dan Patrick Show about comparisons between Burrow and Montana.

Coming out of Sunday’s playoff win over the Buffalo Bills, Lapham said the Bengals, from a timing standpoint, played their most complete game of the season. The Bengals also had only 2 penalties and didn’t have a turnover.

Patrick asked Lapham if he’s figured Burrow out, personality-wise.

“I think he works to make it difficult to figure him out,” Lapham said. “He’s a very, very intelligent guy. He has a very, very broad base of interests. He’s not a one-trick pony. He’s got a lot going on and he’s one sharp dude, and I tell you, he’s a football savant, I can tell you that. This guy is the Albert Einstein of football. He’s got the answers to the test, and he ain’t cheating. He’s got a confidence as a result of it, that borders on cocky, he’s got the swagger.”

Lapham said the comparison to Montana is fair, and it’s a good one.

“I think they’re very similar, I think Joe might have a little stronger arm than Joe Montana, but I think you hit a great one,” Lapham said. “Joe Montana had that kind of football mind. He had that kind of charisma where his teammates follow him, follow his lead, and the big thing is Paul Brown used to say this, it’s so simply, but it’s so true … the thing about quarterbacks, the most important thing, you’ve got to throw it straight. You’ve got to be accurate with the football, and man, Joe Burrow can put it in the eye of a needle from 50 yards away, and that’s what Joe Montana could do.”