Former LSU LB Deion Jones lived through the drama surrounding Les Miles in the closing weeks of the 2015 season.

And he says it was not easy for the players.

Miles ultimately kept his job, and Jones has since moved on to the next phase of his football career, leaving him better able to comment on the situation now than he could back then.

According to a report from, Jones says he and his teammates were hurt by the movement to fire the long-time LSU coach.

“It was kind of heartbreaking,” Jones said this week at the Reese’s Senior Bowl. “He was one of the reasons I came to LSU. He sat in my house, made me feel comfortable, made my parents feel comfortable with me coming there.

“It was always a childhood dream to play for him. It kind of hurt a little bit.”

The Tigers started 7-0 in 2015, but losses to Alabama, Ole Miss and Arkansas left the powers that be wondering if the Tigers could do better than the former national championship winner.

Jones said that bothered a group that looked up to Miles.

“He’s a players’ coach,” Jones said. “He’s always holding us accountable for our actions. He’s a motivator. He knows exactly what to say. He’s like a father on the team. He plays that father role for us.”

Jones made these revelations while trying to impress NFL scouts and personnel during the Senior Bowl week in Mobile, Ala.

Meanwhile, Miles is closing in on finishing the 2016 recruiting cycle with what is potentially the nation’s top recruiting class at LSU.

Who says there can’t be happy endings?