Arguably the biggest storyline in the SEC prior to kickoff on Saturday came from Baton Rouge as LSU’s preseason All-American cornerback Derek Stingley Jr. was ruled out for the Mississippi State game after being hospitalized on Friday evening.

While no one has come out and revealed the exact reason why Stingley had to be rushed to the hospital, his father, Derek Stingley Sr., shared some details with Baton Rouge-based ESPN 104.5 FM radio show “Off The Bench” on Tuesday morning.

“Derek had a reaction to something that caused him to have to go to the hospital and when we got there, they were just running some tests on him to make sure they were ruling out everything. So we knew he was fine,” Stingley Sr. said of his son. “He was practically ready to go before the (Mississippi State) game started.”

“It was scary but it wasn’t as bad as we thought it was when we first got the call and all that. But he’s good to go. I’m pretty sure they are going to take it easy on him this week but I’m pretty sure he may wind up playing, as well.”

According to his father, the LSU defensive back has completely recovered from this incident.

“He’s good, he’s fine. He’s back to normal. He was back to normal before the game started,” Stingley Sr. said. “He was ready to walk out of the hospital right before the game started, but naturally, we had to wait for his discharge papers.”

How soon can Stingley return to the practice field for LSU?

Apparently, there’s nothing holding back the All-American from the practice field.

“Yeah, he’s got no restrictions. He’s good to go,” Stingley Sr. added.

That’s great news for an LSU secondary that could use all the help it can get based on Saturday’s results.

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