Former LSU star Devin White has quite the story to tell, from his early exit to the NFL and being drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, to winning a Super Bowl, and returning to LSU this week to receive his college degree.

He recently visited with the football team to share some wisdom.

“It feels good to be home, I play for the Buccaneers now, but that ain’t home, this is home,” White said. “That’s just the home away from home, but this is where my heart at. This is the place that I got to choose to come to, I didn’t choose to go to Tampa Bay.”

White said it’s important to stack brick by brick and day by day, and want it for yourself and your brother. To be an NFL player, the work has to be put in at LSU.

“My biggest thing I wanted to talk to y’all about today was commitment,” he said. “One thing that when I got here, and I ain’t trying to make this about me, was I committed to what Coach O wanted, I committed to my brothers. We didn’t get the job done, they did when I left, the next year. They got the job done, but like I told them upstairs, I helped lay the foundation.”

He also said getting his degree, which he received this week, was better than winning a Super Bowl because “that’s about life.”