Dicke V may have launched an airball on this one, baby.

The longtime ESPN college basketball analyst took to social media on Wednesday evening to announce the NCAA has handed down a Notice of Allegation against Will Wade’s basketball program.

Here’s what Dick Vitale had to say on the subject on Wednesday evening.

“Sources tell me that LSU has been notified by the NCAA of the various allegations that they have been charged with involving the Men’s basketball program,” Vitale tweeted out.

The only problem with that report? LSU claims they have no knowledge of any Notice of Allegations from the NCAA.

Here’s what LSU senior associate athletic director Robert Munson had to say in response to Vitale’s report, according to 247Sports.

“LSU has not received any notice of allegations involving the men’s basketball program or any athletic program at LSU,” Munson responded.

In an attempt to clear up his initial report, Vitale responded with this comment — which now changes his initial reporting following the statement from Munson.

“An update on the charges that LSU will face from the NCAA in basketball will arrive soon. Delaying the notice is that a summary disposition involving the football program must be resolved. One thing that is certain LSU Basketball will face allegations,” Vitale responded.

Vitale seems very confident about that. However, if he’s not right on this one, he’s likely going to lose any credibility he had left remaining in Baton Rouge.

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