The Jacksonville Jaguars selected former LSU WR DJ Chark in the second round of the 2018 NFL Draft, and he’s already making an impact.

This offseason, Chark has drawn rave reviews from coaches and teammates alike, and it seems like he’s poised to make a big contribution on the field this fall.

Backup QB Cody Kessler is the latest Jaguar to compliment the speedy receiver, telling First Coast News that he is impressed by Chark’s athleticism and knowledge of the playbook:

“His athletic ability is off the charts but the way he learns the offense and you’ve seen him grow over the last couple of weeks, understanding the playbook, knowing where to go with each route and where to be,” he said. “He’s been great. We’ve hooked up on some deeper routes and he’s been a real reliable guy for me throughout [the offseason program] and it’s been exciting to get to work with him.

“He does some unique things for his size that are pretty awesome.”

Chark can contribute both as a receiver and as a returner this fall, so he’ll likely be on the field plenty.

Whether he develops a connection with starter Blake Bortles or not remains to be seen, but Kessler’s praise will likely make Bortles give Chark a shot this year.

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