Ed Ingram may have had a rush to judgment on Monday, as the LSU offensive lineman shared the news that he had finally been cleared to return to the field for the Tigers after being suspended for over a year.

“Guess what it’s official…. You miss me? #LSUFOREVER @LSUfootball #lsuoffense #imback,” Ingram shared on Monday.

The lineman quickly deleted that post which led to Ed Orgeron being asked about the lineman during his Monday media availability.

“We had very positive news, nothing official, we have nothing official. I expect to hear something in the near future – the next couple of days,” Orgeron said. “When I do hear something official, I will let you guys know officially. But everything we are hearing is very positive and we should be hearing something in the next couple of days.”

Ingram started 12 games for LSU during his freshman season back in 2017 but was suspended by the team after he was accused of sexual assault in Texas. Ingram missed all of the 2018 season and has remained suspended until this time.