LSU is among the teams embracing a changing schedule this week as the game against Alabama was called off because of rising COVID-19 numbers and contact tracing in the program.

Coach Ed Orgeron addressed the rumors of a Halloween party being the source of the spread of the virus and how the Tigers are dealing with preparing for Alabama, but then shifting to Arkansas next week.

“I know nothing of that. To be honest, most of our guys are out due to contact tracing,” Orgeron said on the SEC coaches media teleconference on Wednesday. “I’ve told them no parties during the season. We want to play Alabama, so we’ll be ready to play. I understand (Commissioner Greg) Sankey’s decision. I’m happy we are playing. Whoever they tell us to play, we’ll be ready to play.”

Orgeron said he’s not sure about the Arkansas game yet, and added, “you can not be confident given this fluid situation but I’m told our contact tracing guys should be back. We’ll know more Tuesday or Wednesday.”

Orgeron said the Tigers have been flexible.

“We have walk-ons that have stepped up, the punter played second-team quarterback yesterday,” Orgeron said. “We stay with the same plan, we have to get our work in… it’s just part of what we have to do this year.”

About the punter playing QB, Orgeron said, “He threw a touchdown pass, seriously, the whole team was cheering.”

About Myles Brennan, Orgeron said his medical evaluation is still underway since he suffered a significant lower body injury at Missouri.

“We are looking at the injury, we are looking to see if he can come back through rehab or if the best thing would be an operation that would help him,” Orgeron said. “We have not made a final decision, but he is unlikely to come back.”