Ed Orgeron, like most of us, was bored out of his mind during quarantine. Orgeron found himself by himself much during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Everyone has seen fan photos of Orgeron jogging shirtless somewhere, but he also took up a new sport — boxing.

“I go jogging on the river every day,” Orgeron said Monday’s press conference.” The guy that coaches me in boxing was working some guys out and he said, ‘Coach, why don’t you come try it, why don’t you come try it?’

“Well, during COVID I was by myself a lot. I was home a lot. So I said, ‘You know what? I’m going to take up boxing.’ And I took up boxing on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday night, two hours a night. It filled up my time, and it helped me get in better shape. I like it.”

We wouldn’t want to step in the ring with him. 60 Minutes recently did a feature on Orgeron, and it showed some boxing footage.

LSU’s head coach has become one of the most popular figures in college athletics. His relentless recruiting mentality, combined with his competitiveness and incredible accent, helps fuel him to be the coach that he is.

Orgeron has evolved as a head coach in many ways since his days at Ole Miss, and he’s made himself into a great coach.