Considering one of his star players will miss the first half of LSU’s biggest game of the year thanks to a controversial targeting call, it’s no surprise to hear Ed Orgeron speak out against the rule as it’s currently applied.

The Tigers coach said during a speaking event Tuesday that he wants coaches to push for alterations to the NCAA’s enforcement of targeting, according to a report from the Associated Press. Junior linebacker Devin White was flagged for violating the rule late in No. 4 LSU’s win against Mississippi State last Saturday, which will cause him to sit out the first half of the team’s Nov. 3 game against top-ranked Alabama.

“I don’t think that targeting should have been called,” said Orgeron, who claimed he felt the targeting call in that instance was unfair. “I think he tried to pull off and I think it’s a very stiff penalty. He did not try to hit him with his head. He put his hands in front, but it’s the rule, so we have to move on.”

Though Orgeron supports rules based on player safety, he said officials should be able to make judgment calls in certain cases of targeting.


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“Hopefully they do something about it. I think something needs to be done,” Orgeron said. “I’m going to voice my opinion and that’s all I can do.”