Ed Orgeron and the LSU Tigers fell to Auburn in Baton Rouge on Saturday night, 24-19.

LSU had a chance to drive down the field and win the game late, but it came up short as QB Max Johnson threw an interception to seal Auburn’s win.

After the game, Coach O wasn’t too happy with his offense’s performance. He called out the offense and coordinator Jake Peetz (though not specifically by name) in his postgame press conference.

You can hear his comments on the offense’s struggles below:

“The play call was in late. Then we’re trying to change it at the line of scrimmage,” he said about a key late-game situation. “We just weren’t very well organized.”

As far as what needs to change, Coach O said the Tigers need to get a play into Johnson and then just run with it sometimes:

“We just have to hurry up,” Orgeron said. “We’re trying to change the play, and I told them, ‘We have to just call the play and run with it.’ Sometimes we’re changing the play, sometimes it’s coming in late. I know we’re trying to change the protections and stuff like that, but there’s no excuse for that. We should not be at that point.”

LSU heads to Lexington to take on an undefeated Kentucky squad next weekend. We’ll see if the offensive issues improve.