LSU head coach Ed Orgeron may be on his way out following the 2021 season, but he’s not finished recruiting players to the program, especially those with the Louisiana borders.

The school in Baton Rouge is top of mind for many high schoolers within the state, and with Orgeron and the program parting ways, he had every reason to lay off on the recruiting trail. Instead, according to LSU beat writer Jerit Roser, he called every recruit “to assure them LSU is still the place to be”.

Despite other programs in the state potentially looking to use Orgeron’s pending departure to their advantage, he feels that LSU has the edge over them all as as Power Five program.

“It’s a huge advantage. I mean, that’s what makes LSU LSU,” Orgeron said. “There’s some other schools here that are great schools and guys can go to, but we’re the only Power Five school. Now, there’s some guys that come try to poach our players. I’ve spent the last five or six years trying to keep ’em out of here. And for the most part, we’ve done a good job.”

Of course, there have been some misses, as Orgeron conceded.

“You’re not gonna get ’em all,” he said. “It’s very tough because people want Louisiana players. They’re great players. They’re tough. But it is a big-time advantage here.”