As LSU coach Ed Orgeron continues to look for a defensive coordinator to replace Bo Pelini, he shared some of the traits he’s looking for in that hire.

It’s been widely reported that Cincinnati’s Marcus Freeman was his top choice, but Freeman moved on to Notre Dame. Orgeron explained his perspective and expectations during a press conference on Wednesday with reporters.

“First of all, when I look at a candidate, I want to see how the players are going to feel, No. 1,” he said. “Is he going to be able to connect to our players, I think that’s one of the most important things as a coach, and I want to protect our players and I want a coach that’s going to love them. But is also going to get them better. When that coach gets up in front of our offense and defense, is he going to have a presence? Is he going to command that they listen to him and get better. So I think that’s the No. 1 thing I look for.”

Orgeron has said that the specific alignment, either 4-3, or 3-4, is not that important to him.

“No. 2 is fundamentals,” he said. “I want a fundamental coach, man, I’m a fundamental guy. Whether it’s a 4-3 or 3-4, personally, I think you have to have both. With the offenses, I didn’t see anybody shutting down these offenses this year. As defensive coaches, we need to learn how to do it, so I’ve interviewed some coaches that are very good, have some very good ideas, but I think that we haven’t found the right fit yet, but we’re gonna.”