When did Ed Orgeron know LSU had something special in Joe Burrow?

That’s something Dan Patrick asked Coach O on Thursday during the latest episode of the “Dan Patrick Show” and LSU’s coach offered up an answer without any hesitation.

“You know, I do believe it was the 3rd and 17 against Texas,” Orgeron said. “It was a blitz, we had to make a play. He dodged a rusher, made a big play, we scored a touchdown. I felt we had a winner in Joe that could make the big play in a big game.”

Burrow ended up completing 31 of his 39 passes against the Longhorns for 471 yards with four touchdowns and only one interception in LSU’s 45-38 win in Austin.


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That game was the first sign of the epic season Burrow was about to have for the Tigers as his stats for the 2019 season compare favorably to many numbers put up by SEC quarterbacks during their four years in college.

“You got to make the plays on the field and I always believed he could do it,” Orgeron added. “He’s a very smart football player. The first time I met him, we had about a two-hour football meeting, there was six people in the meeting, including me, and he was the smartest person in the room. And I liked it.”

Naturally, Patrick quizzed Orgeron next on the challenge of replacing Burrow on the field this season. While LSU fans know all about Myles Brennan, national figures like Patrick may have never even heard of LSU’s next starting quarterback.

Judging by the confidence Coach O has displayed in Brennan all offseason, the nation will soon know the name the quarterback’s name.

“We have a young quarterback in Myles Brennan who has waited his turn here. He’s very talented, it’s his time,” Orgeron continued. “All I told Myles is, ‘I want you to be the best Myles Brennan possible.’ Now, we aren’t going to compare him to Joe, but if he’s as good as Joe, I promise you, we won’t be disappointed.”

No doubt you’ve seen the play Orgeron was referencing countless times but watching it one more time couldn’t hurt.