LSU has been hit hard in recent days by opt-outs as receiver Ja’Marr Chase and defensive lineman Tyler Shelvin became the latest Tigers to make the tough decision not to play this fall.

Following those decisions, LSU is now down five players to opt-outs, but according to Ed Orgeron, more could be on the way.

The LSU coach met with the media on Tuesday and shared that Chase and Shelvin may not be the last Tigers to opt-out.

“There’s a couple of guys that are thinking about it, to be honest with you — and again, everyone’s for different reasons,” Orgeron said. “Maybe family reasons or maybe health reasons or they may have something that they feel that need to opt-out for.

“Maybe there’s one or two that I know are thinking about it. Hopefully they don’t, but again, if they do, that’s (the world) we are living in. But we have depth, and that they do opt-out, we’re still gonna have a great football team.”

Speaking of the team’s depth, the Tigers are already down to 70 scholarship players for the coming 10-game, all-SEC schedule. While Coach O is keeping a brave face, the reality is his team likely can’t sustain too many more losses heading into the toughest season in conference history.