All the right things are being said in Baton Rouge this offseason when it comes to Myles Brennan stepping into the lineup and replacing Joe Burrow but even Ed Orgeron admits the Tigers won’t know completely what they have in the quarterback until he takes live reps on the field.

With game week finally upon us, it’s time for Orgeron and his LSU staff to find out what Brennan can do after months of speculation.

“I’ve always believed in Myles Brennan,” the LSU coach said during his Monday press conference. “I think he’s an excellent young man, he’s waited his turn, a lot of respect, has a strong arm — probably a stronger arm than Joe Burrow had, can extend plays with his feet, not quite like Joe did. He’s learning the offense.”

While noting his confidence in Brennan, Orgeron admits this offseason wasn’t exactly helpful when it comes to the quarterback’s development in Baton Rouge.

“I think the spring, kind of hurt him not being with us, not practicing with his receivers,” Orgeron continued. “I think he did a good job of catching up during COVID and catching up in the summertime. He was very accurate with the football and all three scrimmages.

“The only thing that we don’t know, and I do believe that he’s gonna do very well, is how he’s going to do in the fire. And the only way to know that is put them into fire. I trust Myles. He’s become a team leader, his short passing game is a strength. The deep ball is something that he is very good at. I think that takes time for him and his receivers to get the timing down, and hopefully improve on that throughout the year.”

One question many LSU fans have always had for Brennan relates to the QB’s size.

Even Coach O is willing to admit Brennan was likely too small to compete at the SEC level upon his arrival but the quarterback has worked hard to get himself in position to take hits that the league’s defenders will soon be delivering to him.

“You know when he came to us, he was about a buck 70, I was worried about it. Now he’s about 218 so I think that he’s prepared himself,” Orgeron said. “He’s got strong in the weight room, I think he’s gonna handle it well. He’s different than Joe, you know Joe went to run you over. I think Myles is gonna be smart about what he needs to, dive when he needs to not to get hurt – and I’m gonna tell him to do the same thing. But I think that when it comes down to taking a hit.

“I think he’s gonna be fine, he’s gonna bounce back but you know what? He’s gonna have to do it time and time again. Hopefully he doesn’t get a hit a lot, but in the SEC you play very good defenses and you expect your quarterback to have to take hits.”

Photo credit: LSU Athletics