Since last week’s Alabama-LSU game was postponed because of rising COVID-19 numbers in the LSU program, and resulting contact tracing protocols, there was some backlash against LSU, particularly from Alabama fans that LSU was somehow trying to dodge a matchup against the Crimson Tide.

LSU coach Ed Orgeron addressed that accusation at his Monday press conference. He said possible schedule changes are “very fluid.” The trouble with the schedule is LSU is also trying to play a postponed game against Florida later this season, and the Gators also have a game to make up with Missouri.

“I’m hearing some re-scheduling may be made, but nobody has told us for sure. I do believe that Alabama and LSU ought to play this year, and I do believe that we’re going to play some how, some way,” Orgeron said.

Orgeron added, “We look forward to rescheduling Alabama. We want to play. We weren’t able to play (on Saturday). People are going to say things here and there that aren’t true. But whenever they tell us to play, we’ll be ready to go.”

While LSU has had a sub-par season, recruiting remains strong, and there is a question about if the Tigers should play younger guys versus older guys.

“It’s always about winning the game,” Orgeron said. “I’m not going to take out an older guy to give a younger guy reps. It’s about giving our guys the best chance to win.I know we’re going to build a championship team. I know it’s coming. You have to go through some adversity, man. Iron sharpens iron. You have to develop some grit and toughness. You can’t just roll your helmet out there.”