How good of an athletic director is Scott Woodward? According to Ed Orgeron, LSU’s new AD has helped the football program expand its recruiting board.

That’s an interesting revelation, especially considering Woodward doesn’t have a coaching background in college or high school football. It’s one thing for Phillip Fulmer to be aware of a recruit Jeremy Pruitt should consider at Tennessee, but for Woodward to arrive in Baton Rouge and help the Tigers recruiting efforts immediately is impressive on another level entirely.

Coach Orgeron revealed this information during an appearance at the TAF Coaches Caravan at Walk-On’s in Metairie. When Coach O was asked if Woodward has asked anything different of the LSU head coach, Orgeron shot that idea down quickly.

“No, not really. Just been very supportive. Being from Louisiana, he and I hit it off right away,” Orgeron said in a video posted to YouTube by Crescent City Sports.

While being from Louisiana and bleeding purple and gold is something the two men share in common, their shared interest in college football recruiting will likely be the strongest bold they share during their time in Baton Rouge. In fact, Orgeron claims Woodward is often down in the LSU recruiting office helping the program and even put a few prospects on the program’s radar.

“He’s big into recruiting, he comes to our recruiting office, he knows all about our recruits. Very knowledgable, even put me on a couple of recruits,” Orgeron added. “I think he’s fantastic.”

Considering Woodward had a similar reputation at Texas A&M, it’s fair to wonder if the new LSU AD revealed some secrets on the Aggies’ recruiting board. As the saying goes, all is fair in college football recruiting and the Aggies may have learned that first-hand following the departure of Woodward to Baton Rouge.