Much like last season, LSU looks to finish the season on a strong note under Ed Orgeron. After beating down Arkansas by a 33-10 margin last weekend, the Tigers have now won four of five SEC games and will be heavy favorites to win on the road at Tennessee and at home against Texas A&M to close out the regular season.

Likely aiding the Tigers’ chances this weekend, the Vols are now being led by interim coach Brady Hoke after Butch Jones was fired last weekend.

Coach O was the first coach to speak during Wednesday’s SEC Coaches Teleconference. Here’s a summary of what the LSU coach had to say:

  • Opening statement: Had a very good practice yesterday. We beat a very tough Arkansas team. Was very proud of our team. We have some things to fix, we’ll be working on that. I know Tennessee will be fired up to play for their new coach.
  • On so many interim coaches in the SEC: That’s on the expectations of the league. You have all the tools to succeed, you have to get it down.
  • On landing full-time job: I feel good about it. I had the support of LSU’s leadership, the players rallied around us. Things happened at the end, I may not have been the No. 1 candidate but things fell into the right place.
  • What advice do you give an interim? Go hard. It’s your team but you don’t know for how long. You have to do it your way. Get them to play with fire and enjoy every second of it.
  • What is the kicking situation this week? We are still looking at the competition all week. The guys kicked well yesterday. That will come down to the end of the week.
  • How long does it take a coach to get his plan in place? I think it depends on the team you inherit. Sometimes you leave a title contender, every situation is different. But it does take time for a staff to understand what’s expected of them.
  • How much better do you feel about the offensive line? I feel better. To start two freshmen was very challenging for us. They are liked seasoned vets now. They will be better off because of it. We need to provide depth. We may lose some juniors to the draft, not sure of that just yet.