Ed Orgeron appeared on ESPN’s “College GameDay” Saturday in a segment focusing on all that has changed for LSU in the last year.

It has been a rough 2020 for LSU, but when asked about a “low point,” Orgeron had a predictably upbeat response.

“There hasn’t been a low point, I’m the head coach of the LSU Tigers,” Orgeron said. “There ain’t gonna be a low point for me today, I promise you that.”

Orgeron was next asked about the critical talking point that he captured “lightning in a bottle” with the 2019 Tigers.

“I block out the noise, whether it’s good, bad or indifferent. I don’t listen to that,” Orgeron said. “It’s not going to affect the way I coach. It’s not going to affect my program. When you’re on top, everyone says you’re the best, national Coach of the Year, everybody is patting you on the back. And then you’re not winning, you’re not good enough.”

Parts of Oregon’s answer to the next question, about LSU’s culture, seemed to apply to the “lightning in a bottle” talk.

“We had the best team in maybe the history of college football. Everybody was happy. All the fans were happy. We had the greatest coach in the world. It just didn’t change in six months,” Orgeron said. “The base of our culture, the identity of our culture – the same plan is there. I just have to fix a couple of things within the program to get that culture back.”

Orgeron was then asked how he planned “to get that culture back.”

“Well, we’re going to see. Obviously, we’re going to look at the end of the season – look at everybody, evaluate everything. And then, go from there. I did it before. Gonna do it again.”

The segment, below, concluded with Orgeron sharing his belief that the Tigers will be champions again is as strong as it has ever been.