Of all 14 spring games that were televised across the Southeastern Conference, arguably the most jarring sight came from Baton Rouge as the Tigers did not go under center for a single snap during the program’s latest spring game.

It remains to be seen if that was purely a display to throw the team’s upcoming opponents guessing or if LSU truly plans to open up the offense this fall in Baton Rouge, but if the Tigers do plan to utilize the passing game and all the talented receivers on the roster, Ed Orgeron has to ensure his program doesn’t lose the physical toughness necessary to excel in conference play.

Lighting up scoreboards in non-conference play and against the league’s weaker defenses is nice and all but when the Tigers face the likes of Alabama, Florida, Mississippi State, Auburn and Texas A&M next fall, finesse football isn’t going to get it done. That’s something that’s heavy on Orgeron’s mind this offseason.

While the program is very invested in opening up the offense, it can’t get too far away from the core principles of the program. That’s something Orgeron admitted during his recent appearance on College SPorts on Sirius XM: