As he prepares for his NFL career, No. 1 overall pick Joe Burrow is reaching out to a lot of former elite quarterbacks for advice.

The former LSU star has already gotten advice from Peyton Manning, Ryan Leaf and others, and on Monday, Eli Manning reveals the advice he gave to Burrow.

During a radio interview, Eli said it’s important to earn the locker room’s respect with actions, not with words (via SNY):

“I know Joe,” he told Sirius XM NFL Radio’s Bob Papa and Charlie Weis on Monday morning. “He’s come down to our camp the last couple years and just a wonderful kid. Great guy, really enjoyed being around him.

“The number one thing is — it’s tricky because you want to come in and you want to be a leader. You want to kinda have that presence in the locker room, that presence in the huddle. And there’s also the fact that you have to earn the respect of your teammates before you start barking at them.

“You gotta go in, have your head down, don’t say a whole lot, work your tail off on all aspects of everything.”

How will Burrow fare during his rookie season? Hopefully we’ll be able to find out this fall.