Eli Manning and Ed Orgeron are well-known stars to the college football audience, and that extends to ESPN+.

In the latest episode of “Eli’s Places,” Manning and Orgeron act out an official recruiting visit.

“Eli, before you go, you sure you don’t want to give it another shot,” Orgeron said.

Manning replied, “What’s that? If there’s one thing I’ve learned on this recruiting trip coach, it’s that you know how to close, let’s do it. All right, let’s take a selfie, sun’s out, guns out on 3, 1, 2, 3.”

Oregon said, “Teamwork, baby.”

Manning has become a television star in his post-football retirement as he and his brother, Peyton, have seen strong ratings on the “Manning Cast” show as an alternate broadcast to “Monday Night Football.”

Orgeron is also no stranger to TV shows, as he has an intro on “Marty & McGee’s” Hillbilly Headlines segment on the SEC Network on Saturday mornings, and has been featured on “60 Minutes.”