LSU AD Joe Alleva’s next conversation with SEC commissioner Greg Sankey might be a little uncomfortable.

Emails produced as part of a records request made by ABC affiliate WBRZ of Baton Rouge show that Alleva called the conference’s handling of the Florida game, which was postponed from its originally schedule date of Oct. 8 due to Hurricane Matthew, a “joke.”

A screencap of one email shows Alleva writing “This is a joke.” Blake Chatelain, a member of LSU’s Board of Supervisors, replies to Alleva stating, “Florida would want to play as much as us… Would they not?” Alleva, in his reply to Chatelain, then accuses the Gators of putting off the game in fear of losing and potentially missing out on a spot in the conference championship game:

“No way if they lost they would lose the east. Their schedule easier than Tennessee if they wanted to be play we would be playing here or there.”

In the end, the schools agreed to makeup the game on Nov. 19 in Baton Rouge. With Florida giving up its 2016 home game, LSU will travel to Gainesville in 2017 and 2018.

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