LSU QB Joe Burrow has one more game before he shifts focus to preparing for the NFL. Over the last few months, we’ve heard NFL QB Drew Brees talk about Burrow a few times, as the New Orleans Saints and LSU Tigers communities are closely connected with overlapping fan bases and media coverage. While the Brees-Burrow stories are fun for Louisiana football fans, one ESPN analyst said the LSU signal-caller reminds him of one of the other all-time greats in an appearance on Kirk Herbstreit and David Pollack’s podcast.

“(He) reminds me a ton of Tom Brady,” Ryan Leaf said of Burrow on “The College Football Podcast with Herbie & Pollack.” “And that makes sense, right? Guys who are playing in this day and age for the last 20 years have emulated who the best at the next level has been and that’s been Tom Brady. I mean, he stands in the pocket very confident, doesn’t move a lot, just uses his feet, gets the quickly, accurately and if there’s pressure, he knows where to go with it and I think that’s what makes him so special.”

Leaf added that it helps Burrow to have such a talented supporting cast.

“Well also, not just his accuracy, but his willingness to throw balls into traffic knowing that he has the faith in those wide receivers – (Justin) Jefferson, (Ja’Marr) Chase, (Thaddeus) Moss, all of them being able to catch the football,” Leaf said. “And they do. If you look at all the catches against Oklahoma, a ton of them were contested. Some of them, he just kind of threw up there. He has so much belief in his receivers to make plays, and they do, which builds his completion percentage.”

Burrow’s incredible Peach Bowl performance in LSU’s win over the Sooners put his passing numbers at an incredible 5,208 yards with 55 touchdowns and just six interceptions through 14 games.

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