ESPN college football host and analyst Matt Barrie made an interesting statement on the “The Paul Finebaum Show” Thursday afternoon. Barrie said that if LSU could get the right coach into Baton Rouge, that they could dominate the SEC West for years to come.

“This needs to be the time LSU grabs them a coach who can be there for a decade and compete for a National Championship on an annual basis,” Barrie said on the show. “If you put yourself in position with the right coach now you can dominate the SEC West for years to come.”

The only problem with that is that Nick Saban is still at Alabama and his record through last year against the Tigers is 11-4 and the Crimson Tide has won 9 out of the last 10 meetings. UA’s only loss came in 2019, the year the Tigers went on and win a national championship.

Now, Barrie didn’t clarify if he meant the Tigers could dominate now or after Saban retires, but for now, Alabama and Saban still have the Tigers’ number.

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