The LSU Tigers just finished off one of the best seasons in college football history, leading the FBS level in scoring, going 15-0, producing a Heisman-winning quarterback in Joe Burrow and capping it all off with a national title.

Coach Ed Orgeron has now solidified himself as one of the game’s elite coaches, but now the debate becomes just how good the Tigers’ 2019 season was.

On Monday’s episode of “The Paul Finebaum Show,” Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Bianchi made some waves, claiming 2013 Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher was the “much superior” coach to Orgeron:

“Let’s not forget, Florida State had a much more superior coach that year,” Bianchi said. “Jimbo Fisher was much superior than Ed Orgeron. I think even you would say that, right?”

When Finebaum reacted with confusion, Bianchi continued:

“Jimbo Fisher in 2013 was a much superior coach than Ed Orgeron was this year.”

The issue is the “much superior” phrase Bianchi used several times. Fisher is and was a great coach, there’s no doubt of that. But LSU fans may (rightfully) take issue with saying he was a much better coach than Coach O.

Considering how Coach O’s Tigers finished out this season, it’s hard to say anyone has had a better year than his LSU squad.