Trash-talking is a big part of the NFL. Players try to get in each other’s heads during games in order to gain an edge, no matter how slight it might be.

However, former LSU DB Tre’Davious White, the Buffalo Bills’ first-round pick from this year’s draft, doesn’t participate in such mind games.

According to, White said he’s never really been much of a trash-talker when he’s on a football field:

“I just don’t do it. I’ve never been that guy to talk trash,” White said. “I just want to play. I really love the game of football and I love competing. That doesn’t come with talking for me. I just want to play.”

White said his refusal to show emotion on the field is his own way of trying to get inside his opponent’s head, as sometimes no reaction is the best reaction:

“Yeah. I’m going to keep that same game face mode. So, if a guy catches a 20-yard explosive play on me then I’m going to have the same facial expression as I did If the guy catches a 20-yard pass on me or if I get an interception. I’m going to have the same facial expression so he’ll never know what I’m thinking or how I’m feeling. I’ll never show it.” said White.

White intercepted two passes last season for LSU, returning one for a touchdown. During his four-year career in Baton Rouge, he had six interceptions and 167 tackles (11 for a loss).