The Tampa Bay Buccaneers made LSU LB Devin White the No. 5 overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, so he enters his pro career with a lot of pressure on his shoulders.

Fortunately for him, it sounds like he’s already making a big impact for the Bucs and has earned the praise of his head coach, Bruce Arians.

In an interview with, Arians called White a “once in a lifetime” type of player:

He’s come in; he’s so mature. You know, and he’s in great condition. He’s extremely bright. He loves it. You know, you get these guys once in a lifetime. They all got physical skills, but they don’t love it. I mean, they wouldn’t do it for free. This cat would do it for free as long as he can ride his horses.

White figures to be a starter in the middle of the Tampa Bay defense immediately as a rookie, so we’ll have to see how he fares in the NFL.

Based on what he showed at LSU, he should be just fine handling the pro ranks. And hopefully he’ll have plenty of time to ride his horses, too.