Could Brandon Harris end up playing in the SEC in 2017 after all? While that possibility may have been, at best, a rumor until now, Harris answered the question Friday.

During a morning radio interview with 104.5 ESPN Baton Rouge, Harris was asked twice about his potential graduate transfer destinations. The first time he was asked the question, Harris declined to identify any of the schools he has been in contact with. Harris was asked again later in the interview, but this time, he was asked if he’d spoken to any SEC teams involving a transfer.

“Yeah, I’ve talked to a couple schools in the SEC, about different opportunities,” Harris said on the air. “Obviously, these are bridge situations where you are going in because they don’t have a quarterback that is necessarily ready to play. They may be in a situation where they just lost a senior, and they got two freshmen that are not necessarily ready to play or could be a situation where they don’t feel they have a quarterback on the roster. But I have talked to a couple SEC schools.”

Without mentioning any schools specifically, speculation is sure to begin on which schools Harris was referring. For what it’s worth, his two examples sure sound like the current situations at Florida and Texas A&M.

Harris is still enrolled at LSU as he finishes earning his undergraduate degree to take advantage of the graduate transfer rule, which would make him eligible to compete immediately. If Florida and Texas A&M are indeed two of his choices, it certainly would add extra intrigue to either of those games in the upcoming season.