Former LSU QB Joe Burrow had a 2019 season for the record books, winning the Heimsan Trophy and leading the Tigers to a national title. Then, he was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, going to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Recently, a picture surfaced of Burrow, who clearly is doing well in offseason workouts. He looks like he’s been hitting the weight room hard.

As you can see below, the picture of Burrow and his teammates surfaced on Instagram recently:

So, what was behind the transformation? Burrow credited his quarantine diet at his parents’ house for losing weight (via Pro Football Talk):

“I actually lost weight post-draft,” Burrow said. “Coming out of the season you’re kind of a soft body. You lose a lot of muscle and you’ve got to keep the weight on and so you gain a little fat. I lost weight throughout the offseason so I feel great right now.”

Will it translate to better play on the field this fall? We’ll find out soon enough!