Leonard Fournette, the nation’s top-ranked player in the 2014 signing class, is confident in his abilities.

LSU’s prized freshman knows he’s in a battle for playing time with veteran ballcarriers Terrence Magee and Kenny Hilliard, but that isn’t stopping him from setting sizable goals for his inaugural season in Baton Rouge.

1,000-yard rusher, All-American and All-SEC, and hopefully a Heisman candidate,” Fournette said Sunday at LSU’s Media Day. “The truth is, I don’t worry about (the hype) at all. My mother sends me a text every night. She says. ‘Leonard, you have enough hype. Just say your prayers and ask God to keep you humble.’ I do it every night.”

Fournette’s been the star attraction since he stepped on campus for fall camp the first week of August. The only two-time Louisiana Gatorade Player of the Year in the state’s rich football history, Fournette’s confidence level has been compared to Michael Jordan by Les Miles and others, including Magee, have mentioned the 6-foot-1, 225-pounder in the same breath as Adrian Peterson.

Lofty expectations for a guy who has never had a college carry.

“For four years of high school, I dealt with (the hype) even though some days it got aggravating,” Fournette said. “But I prayed on it … This is the talent and ability God gave me, so this is what comes with it.”

LSU running backs coach Frank Wilson has praised Fournette’s work ethic and says he has done a good job blending in as one of the guys. Fournette admits learning the intricacies of the Tigers’ playbook has been his toughest adjustment.

“It’s a little bit more than what I expected,” Fournette said. “The playbook is hard, but (offensive coordinator Cam Cameron) breaks it down and makes it easy for us to understand. The first week, it was fun just learning the plays and getting to know all the players.

“The learning curve is way bigger, especially from a blocking point of view and just learning. We have a thousand signs and signals, so it’s getting it in your mind and remembering stuff.”