LSU’s 2020 season is not going to be as impressive as its 2019 campaign. That’s already a given, because the Tigers went 15-0 last season while winning the national championship and this year, they’ve already lost a game.

That’s not to say LSU won’t go on to have a strong year, even after losing at home to Mississippi State in its season opener last Saturday. However, what if the Tigers don’t?

FOX Sports analyst Joel Klatt made an appearance on “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” on Wednesday, and Cowherd asked Klatt whether LSU might possibly look at Orgeron’s job closer if the Tigers were to lose around five games this season.

“Maybe. Not at the end of this year,” Klatt said on the show (h/t Nick Kosko of “Two things, they were so historically great last year, that’s going to carry him for a while. That 15-0 was tremendous. No. 2, with the pandemic and financial hit these programs are taking, you’re not going to see programs make coaching changes, much less with guys with big buyouts.”

Klatt also pointed out that coaches must “win over cycles of recruits” in order to have sustained success.

“We know Nick Saban is a great coach, we know Dabo Swinney is a great coach, we know Urban Meyer was a great coach … we’ve seen guys win over cycles of recruits,” Klatt said. “We don’t know if Ed Orgeron can do that.”

This season could indicate whether Orgeron was successful at doing that, as he’ll have to rely on some unproven players who were recruited in recent years to carry the load.

LSU will be looking for its first win on Saturday as it travels to take on Vanderbilt at 7:30 p.m. ET on SEC Network.