Once the NFL Draft played out, this was inevitable, but on Sunday, former LSU teammates Joe Burrow and Patrick Queen officially faced off on the field, and Queen made a couple of key plays against the former LSU quarterback.

During the Baltimore Ravens’ win over the Cincinnati Bengals, Queen first sacked Burrow in the second quarter, and recovered a fumble. Then recovered another fumble that was caused by Marlon Humphrey. Queen scooped up the loose ball and ran 53 yards for Baltimore’s final touchdown.

Queen shared his thoughts on the play with reporters after the game, the Ravens team site reported.

“Score,” Queen said. “Nothing else but score. I’ve seen a lot of people get chased down on scoop and scores the last couple of weeks. I didn’t want to be one of them.”

It was a blind side hit, but Burrow didn’t make excuses.

“Obviously, I was frustrated. We weren’t playing very well,” Burrow said. “I didn’t see the guy coming, so I’ve just got to hold the ball with two hands, harder.”

It’s the kind of play Queen envisioned since the spring.

“I knew that when I got drafted and Joe got drafted, we were going to be seeing each other twice a year,” Queen said. “It’s a start of a great rivalry and I’m glad I got the first win out of it.”

But it won’t change their relationship.

“Joe knows I’m going to talk a little trash,” Queen said. “Joe’s my guy. I love him to death. When he did that little quarterback sneak, I got a few words in. You know how it gets in between us, competitive, we always want to be great, we always want to win. I know it’s still going to be a fun rivalry all the way up until the time that we’re done.”