The LSU Tigers started the year 5-0, rising to No. 5 in the AP Poll. But, last weekend at The Swamp, they hit a speed bump against a tough Florida team.

Now, it’s up to QB Joe Burrow and the rest of the Tigers to make sure one loss doesn’t become two. That won’t be easy, though, as undefeated No. 2 Georgia visits Baton Rouge on Saturday afternoon.

That game will be featured on CBS, with Brad Nessler and Gary Danielson on the call. Ahead of the big-time SEC East-West crossover game, Danielson spoke with Saturday Down South, discussing what Burrow has brought to the Tigers.

Danielson said Burrow’s passion for the game is obvious, and it’s clear that it has had an effect on his teammates.

“Joe Burrow loves playing football,” he said. “He was raised in a football family. He took on a challenge of playing in the SEC and competing for a job at LSU. He brought toughness and dedication and character. He’s a very good football player and may grow into being an even better one. I think his dedication and his passion for the game has spilled over to the team.”

As far as what Burrow needs to improve, Danielson said he thinks Burrow just needs to continue to get his feet wet in the SEC and dealing with adversity against some of the nation’s top defenses.

“I think it’s just game experience,” he said. “He hasn’t played a lot of games. It’s just getting used to the pressure. He hasn’t made any mistakes. He hasn’t had anything go wrong. He hasn’t had the pressure of failing, looking at his teammates, recovering from that failure and continuing to lead. Everything’s been going pretty well for him. This team could have easily lost the Auburn game. They found a way to win, but now they got into another close game and it didn’t quite work out. It was a tough game offensively for them. They had a tough matchup with Florida’s defensive line and their aggressive man-to-man play.”

Georgia’s defense isn’t the juggernaut it was a year ago, but the Bulldogs still have plenty of talent on that side of the ball. Tune in to CBS at 3:30 p.m. Eastern time on Saturday afternoon to see how Burrow and the Tigers fare.